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Smooth Transitions, Confident Moves

Must have templates to make your life easier in Germany

From Start to Settle : The complete checklist to relocate to Germany

An easy-to-follow checklist with the essential tasks for a smooth transition to Germany.

Best moving to Germany checklist

Contract Cancellation Template

Say auf Wiedersehen to any services hassle-free!


Template to contact landlords in Germany

Customisable and Ready-to-Use. Simple and formal

€ 9

German Job Cover Letter Template

Tips and structure included for a tailored application


Termination of Rental Agreement Template

Notify your landlord professionally, covering essential details.


German Job Resignation Letter Template

A professional resignation template to submit your notice gracefully and formally


Moving to Germany Checklist by Settle in Germany

Tasks outlining what you need to do for your smooth relocation to Germany.

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