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Best websites to find apartments in Germany

If you’ve ever tried searching for an apartment in Germany, you should know how challenging it can be. One of the main reasons for this is that you probably don’t know where to look for apartments, given the number of websites listing properties. In this guide, we show you the websites that list rental properties in Germany.

Apartments for rent in Germany

If you Google ‘best sites to find accommodation in Germany’, you’ll see a number of results. However, not all of them are helpful. From our experience, below are the most rated and useful real estate portals in Germany.

Best sites to find accommodation in Germany

There are a number of types of accommodations in Germany; apartments, shared flats, and rooms are the most popular options. Some of the most popular and reliable websites that lists properties are below.

Longterm apartments

Of all these options, Immobilienscout24 and Immowelt are the most popular platforms in Germany for long-term apartment hunters. In fact, I found all the apartments I've lived in over the last 8 years on these sites, especially immowelt.

Short term apartments

If I wanted to find a short-term furnished apartment in Germany today, I'd check out all three websites below. I'd compare the apartments they have, their prices, and what people say about the landlords. In my opinion, all three websites are good and none is better than the other. They usually have different apartments listed. In the end, I care more about the apartment itself than which website I use.

Shared rooms

If you're searching for a shared room in Germany, WG-gesucht is a helpful website. It's a platform where people offer shared accommodations. You can browse through different listings, checking out the rooms available, their prices, and the details about the people you'd be living with. It's pretty easy to use: you create a profile, search for rooms in the city you want, and then contact the people who posted the ads. It's a popular site, so you might find a good fit for your needs.

Scams can sometimes occur on WG-gesucht, just like on any other online platform. These scams often involve fake listings for rooms or apartments that don't actually exist.

Sometimes, scammers might ask for a deposit or rent payment upfront without letting you see the place or meet in person. To avoid falling victim to scams on WG-gesucht, it's essential to be cautious. Always try to visit the place and meet the landlord or the current tenants before making any payments. Be wary of any requests for money in advance without proper verification of the accommodation's existence and legitimacy. Additionally, trust your instincts – if something feels off or too good to be true, it's best to investigate further or consider other options to ensure your safety and avoid potential scams.

Is immobilienscout trustable? - a personal opinion

With thousands of listings, Immobilienscout24 is the most popular and free real estate portal in Germany. Anyone looking for accommodation starts their search with Immobilienscout24. The portal also offers a number of other services, such as premium accounts and providing Schufa records.

is immobilienscout24 trustworthy

However, is the effort spent on Immobilienscout24 worthwhile?

If you look on the positive side, the site offers a large number of advertisements. Thousands of listings which you can filter according to your criteria and find your future home. As far as we see, every homeowner who wish to rent out their apartment consider Immobilienscout24 as their first choice. Not only individual house owners, but rental agencies, builders and people who are subletting also prefer Immobilienscout24 due to its popularity and growing traffic.

is immobilienscout24 safe?

However, on the other side, although they offer an English version of the app on both iOS and Android platforms, the desktop website, which most people prefer, is only available in German. Additionally, most areas of the website are filled with ads, which can be quite annoying.

One major problem with Immobilienscout24 is scams. Many scammers target apartment hunters, especially expats who are not familiar with the German market, and cheat them by posting fake ads. People who contact these scammers unknowingly are asked to send them money for different reasons like viewing the apartment, document verification, initial deposits, etc.

Even though the platform insist its users to report such scams up on identifying, the measures to prevent the listing of such ads seems ineffective.

If you need assistance in using Immobilienscount24, has a great guide in English. I don't think even Immobilienscount24 has a user guide this detailed! Kudus to the team nomadenberlin.

Template to contact landlords

When you're trying to contact landlords in Germany through websites like Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, or Kleinanzeigen, it's important to be polite and professional. Start by introducing yourself and saying you're interested in their property. Give some details about yourself, like your job and how long you plan to stay. Ask if you can see the place and request more info about important stuff. Keep your message clear and friendly, and don't forget to include your contact details so they can get back to you easily.

You can download a free template in both German as well as in English here. Feel free to customise it according to your requirement.

Moving to Germany checklist

Having a checklist when moving to Germany is really important. It helps you organise everything you need to do before and after arriving. I've already made a very detailed checklist that covers different stages of your move.

It starts with things like making sure you have your visa and work permit sorted, researching the city and neighbourhoods where you'll be living and working, and starting your apartment hunt by researching and shortlisting places.

It also covers the relocation planning phase, focusing on things like giving notices to your service providers, planning your packing and shipping, and making sure your visa and travel documents are in place.

It then moves to important tasks like registering your address and switching to a German residence permit after your arrival. It also talks about financial matters like opening a German bank account, setting up money transfer services, and signing up for a German health care provider. Additionally, it includes tips on getting utilities and services sorted for your apartment and settling in by learning the language, familiarising yourself with the culture, and exploring your new neighbourhood.

This checklist covers a lot of ground to help make your move to Germany as smooth as possible. If you are someone who has recently moved to Germany or planning to move soon, then you should definitely go ahead and download it. It's totally free!


In conclusion, finding accommodation in Germany can be difficult, but not impossible. You can use different websites such as HousingAnywhere, HomeLike, Wunderflats, etc., to search for apartments in Germany. For long-term rentals, ImmoScout24 is one of the most popular websites, but you should also be careful of scammers and prepare yourself before contacting the advertisers. We also recommend downloading the 'Moving to Germany' checklist, which covers many essential steps and tips for relocating to Germany. By following these guidelines and using these resources, you can find your dream home in Germany.

Frequently asked questions

Which are the best websites to find apartments in Germany?

There are many websites to find apartments in Germany, but some of the most popular and reliable include:

ImmobilienScout24: This is the largest online marketplace for real estate in Germany. It has a wide variety of listings for apartments, houses, and other properties.

Immowelt: This is the second largest online marketplace for real estate in Germany. It is a good alternative to ImmobilienScout24 with a similar range of listings.

Wunderflats: This website specialises in furnished apartments. It is a good option if you are looking for a temporary or short-term rental.

HousingAnywhere: This website is another good option for finding furnished apartments. It is also popular with international students and expats.

WG-Gesucht: This website is specifically for finding shared flats (WGs). It is a popular option for students and young professionals.

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