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The Best Guides to Germany
Best Health insurance in Germany - Simple English guides for German expats

Free, Simple English Guides to Germany.

Cheap and best personal liability insurance in Germany for expats gudes

Settle in Germany without headache. We provide English guides to help you beat the bureaucracy.

You've done your part. Let us handle the rest!

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Basic guides to Germany in simple English

Get step-by-step guides on how to do things in Germany; such as registration, banking, and child benefits.

How to find the best legal insurance in Germany

Find out how to get things done in Germany, from finding a job, an apartment or to getting a visa.

Compare car insuance for expats in Germany

Compare and choose the best of everything in Germany from, insurance, electricity, banking to schools.

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Get to Know The Person Behind Settle In Germany

I am Hari, an expat living in Munich. Originally hailing from India, I've called Germany my home since 2016.

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